Enterprise Data Protection

Why should I care?

Every year, the number of data breaches increases and causes severe financial and reputational damages to businesses processing sensitive data.

Compliance rules and regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA as well as national laws require organizations to protect sensitive customer data. Failure to comply results in serious fines.

Fundamentally, it is about winning and retaining customer trust.


Records lost since 2013

5.3 Billion (5,329,418,398)

17 times

the population of the USA

4 times

the population of China or India

70 percent

of the population of the Earth

Interactive graphic of the world's biggest data breaches: 


comforte - The Next Level of Data Security

With comforte‘s data protection suite, organizations can implement comprehensive data-centric security across the enterprise. No matter if you are looking to integrate tokenization or encryption with your core business applications, or with your Big Data infrastructure that powers your data lake, we make sure that you achieve your data security objectives.

Take complete control of your sensitive data to reduce compliance costs and to eliminate the risk of a data breach.


Simplicity - Data Protection That Snaps Right In

At comforte we know that integrating data protection into existing applications & infrastructure can be a daunting task. That is exactly the reason why we put a lot of focus on providing technology to successfully protect any sensitive data at rest with minimal implementation effort and without changing existing applications.

Implement data protection while your business runs at full speed.

Results: Key Benefits to Secure Your Growth

  • Reduce business liability by protecting sensitive data with encryption or tokenization
  • Address key compliance requirements (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, national privacy laws) by meeting the requirement to protect sensitive data
  • Avoid accidental exposure or abuse by privileged users since sensitive data will no longer be in-the-clear
  • Continue to grow and land new business as you exchange data with business partners without exposing sensitive data
  • Eliminate dependency on compensating controls to pass security audits
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How comforte Data Protection Works

Data Protection with SecurDPS Enterprise

Data-centric security for companies that need a fast & easy way of protecting sensitive data across their whole enterprise landscape.

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Benefits for Line of Business and Risk & Compliance Teams

Your mind at ease – Reducing the impact of data breaches

Encryption and tokenization enable comprehensive data protection across the enterprise. Protected sensitive data are of no use to an attacker and reduce the impact of a data breach.


Get it out of the way – Achieving compliance

Reduce dependency on compensating controls to pass security audits and achieve true compliance. Reduce compliance scope by not storing sensitive data on your systems.


Innovate, differentiate & grow

Leverage data protection as a competitive differentiator or use it to drive additional revenue. Safeguard innovations in your organization and enable a secure basis for growth.

Benefits for IT Security & Operations Teams

Ease of implementation

comforte’s snap-in integration reduces implementation efforts and costs to a minimum.


Ease of operations & high availability

Simplified operations result in low TCO. High availability and fault tolerance are by design and make SecurDPS Enterprise absolutely reliable.


Flexibility & elasticity

The flexible, elastic & self-healing architecture is designed to adapt and adjust to any changes or new requirements in your environment. No matter what kind of innovative applications, new APIs or new technologies: your data remains secure.

Benefits for Your Customers

It is all about trust

In an age where choice has never been bigger and where it has never been easier to simply switch to a different product or service, customers are looking for business partners they can trust. Data protection is the foundation to demonstrate your customers that you care about their data and privacy.

Stop wasting time. Start protecting your sensitive data now.

Stop wasting time. Start protecting your sensitive data now.

comforte enables organizations to implement data protection 10 times faster by simplifying integration.

Case Studies

Government Savings Bank of Thailand

Government Savings Bank of Thailand

GSB implemented PCI compliant data protection on their countrywide network.

“comforte is an excellent partner who always demonstrates the highest levels of commitment, understanding and trust.”

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One of the world’s largest electronic payments networks

One of the world’s largest electronic payments networks

One of the biggest electronic payments companies in the world achieved PCI compliance and protects the data of their customers with zero impact on network availability.

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Mercury Processing Services International

Mercury Processing Services International

MPSI chose data-centric security to fulfill key GDPR and PCI requirements.

“We were very satisfied with comforte’s readiness to handle whatever requests we had, wherever and however they arose. Their dedication and diligence were essential to this project’s success.”

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Snap-in data protection

Implement data protection with no impact to your applications and without disrupting your business

ANSI X9 standard conform

The ANSI X9.119-2 standard for protecting sensitive payment card data embraces comforte as a reference for tokenization

Flexibility by design

Deploy in any way you want: Cloud, on-premises or hybrid. Plug into any infrastructure you need

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